Bowl of broccoli soup topped with broccoli floret, cream, and nuts
The Ingredient That Makes Gordon Ramsay's Simple Broccoli Soup Super Creamy
As a three-star Michelin chef, Gordon Ramsay how to elevate the simplest dishes, such as broccoli soup. The chef adds a secret ingredient to ensure a creamy texture.
In his book "Gordon Ramsay's Passion For Flavor," Ramsay’s broccoli soup recipe uses broccoli, water, salt, pepper, and British double cream, an extra-rich dairy product.
Double cream contains 50% butterfat compared to 35% butterfat in American heavy cream, making the soup extra creamy. However, the recipe still works without it.
If you can’t find double cream, you can use heavy cream as a substitute and still get a rich texture. Ramsay's recipe starts with removing the broccoli florets' stems.
Cook the florets until tender in salted water, then blend the veggie with just enough water to achieve a smooth, glossy texture without lumps or fibrous bits.
The method of gently cooking and thoroughly blending the broccoli yields a smooth soup base that's finished with double cream or heavy cream, salt, and pepper.