Boozy Alcoholic Scotch Bobby Burns Cocktail with a Lemon Peel
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The Ingredient That Makes A Bobby Burns Cocktail Different From A Rob Roy
A Rob Roy cocktail is much like a Manhattan, but uses exclusively Scotch whisky. Similarly, a Bobby Burns is much like a Rob Roy, but one ingredient also sets it apart.
Instead of the bitters used in a Manhattan and Rob Roy, the Bobby Burns uses Bénédictine liqueur. This very special liqueur has kept its recipe a secret since its birth in 1510.
Bénédictine was first made in the copper pot stills by French monks, and the same pots are still used today. We only know that the liqueur contains honey and is aged for a year.
The mysterious botanicals in Bénédictine combined with vermouth and blended scotch makes the Bobby Burns a delightfully complex, sweet, citrusy, and herbal drink.