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The Ingredient That Allows You To Make Perfect Pulled Chicken Fast
Unlike shredded chicken — which involves simply breaking down cooked chicken into shreds — pulled chicken requires a much lengthier cooking process. Pulled chicken requires a good amount of time and patience and the result is well worth it; however, there’s a faster way to go about it with one simple ingredient.
To make pulled chicken the conventional way, the meat is first brined for about three hours, then seasoned and transferred into a smoker, where it gets slow cooked at 230 degrees Fahrenheit for about three hours, after which it is finally pulled apart. However, you can get similar results to pulled chicken in only 35 minutes if you use powdered gelatin.
As chicken is slow-cooked, the collagen-rich bones, skin, and tendons break down into a mixture of fat and gelatin, giving the dish its taste and texture. To bypass the cooking time, you can use powdered gelatin; simply simmer the chicken in broth, liquid smoke, and powdered gelatin dissolved in cold water, and you’ll have a flavor and tenderness that rivals the real deal.