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The Ingredient Swap You Need To Try For Ultra Chewy Cookies
A soft and chewy cookie is one that stands out, and a National Cookie Day survey revealed on the Rachael Ray Show showed 65% of Americans choosing chewy over crispy. However, with a couple cooking tips, you can get the golden cookie combination of a chewy inside with a crunchy exterior.
Ditch granulated sugar and sugar alternatives, such as honey and molasses, and choose corn syrup. According to chef and author David Lebovitz, "regular" corn syrup acts as a "interfering agent," preventing other sugars in the recipe from reattaching to themselves after liquifying in the oven, as well as containing hygroscopic qualities that absorb moisture, resulting in chewier cookies.
Getting corn syrup into your cookies can be as simple as choosing a recipe that calls for it, and cookbook author Shirley O. Corriher recommends adding a tablespoon of corn syrup into your favorite cookie recipe. Just be sure not to overcook; remove the cookies from heat just as they get a crispy outer edge.