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The Ingredient Swap To Make Pudding From A Boxed Mix Creamier
Instant pudding is one of the greatest shortcuts in American dessert history. Not only can these packaged mixes make pudding in minutes, but they've also been added to countless cakes, pies, cookies, and other baked good recipes from the 1940s onward — but if you want pudding and only pudding, try this ingredient swap for a serious upgrade.
To add more substance to your boxed instant pudding, try replacing the suggested amount of milk with a creamier ingredient like canned coconut milk or evaporated milk. Either of these substitutions will create a richer texture that is closer to homemade, but you can tweak your instant pudding even further to suit your personal tastes.
For a texture that is still creamy without being too fatty for your tastes, Thrifty Fun recommends adding fat-free evaporated milk, which is lighter than the full-fat kind. If you want your pudding even thicker, Club Gluten Free suggests adding cornstarch, powdered sugar, or even more pudding mix than the amount recommended on the label.