Wholemeal flour focaccia flat bread, cherry tomatoes and basil, Italy, Europe. (Photo by: Roberta Corradin/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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The Ingredient Swap To Give Focaccia A Major Boost
Focaccia is a simple bread that is a standout addition to your dinner, but as with all baked goods, making a perfect loaf of this bread can be hard to master. If you want focaccia that tastes like it was made in an Italian bakery, use this ingredient in place of honey, which is often called for in less-than-authentic recipes.
The Marinetta bakery's recipe for focaccia calls for liquid malt extract in place of honey to add "color and crispness" to the bread, Michele and Raffaele Minghetti of Dante's Bakery concur that this ingredient creates the perfect crisp crust. Food editor Nicole Rufus tested the swap and called it "mind-blowing.
Rufus found that the extract added extra richness and complex flavor to the bread, as well as a crisp golden-brown crust, and noted that you can add more liquid malt extract when swapping it in for honey, since it's less sweet. Bake up a perfect loaf of focaccia using this trick and enjoy it with toppings or just on its own.