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The Ingredient Swap To Elevate The Flavor Of Boxed Chocolate Cake Mix
From chocolate chips to peanut butter or even sauerkraut, there are plenty of additions that can give more life to a simple boxed cake mix. Chocolate cake mix can be customized with fruit, spices, or dulce de leche, but before you trick out your cake with extra flavors, try adding this ingredient to improve it on a base level.
If you’re looking for a simple ingredient that will not only deepen your cake’s cocoa flavor, but give you a dose of energy, add some brewed coffee to your mix. While adding water as the liquid in your cake mix works just fine, coffee gives your cake the moisture it needs while simultaneously enriching its flavor.
You can also simply add a teaspoon of instant granulated coffee to your cake’s dry ingredients, but liquid coffee will elevate your mix with a richer taste and texture. If vanilla cake is more your speed, you can swap out the water for milk, buttermilk, or cream; any addition of a fattier liquid is sure to enhance your cake’s moisture and flavor.