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The Ingredient Swap For Vegan Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate ganache, a combination of chocolate and heavy cream, works great as a sauce for ice cream, a coating on cake and truffles, or turned into a mousse to fill other desserts and baked goods. While ganache is obviously not vegan, you can use another ingredient in place of cream to make your recipe vegan-friendly.
Buying vegan chocolate chips is a no-brainer, and vegan morsels can usually be found in grocery shop baking aisles, but heavy cream is more difficult to replace. The best substitute is coconut cream, which is not to be confused with the more liquidy coconut milk or cream of coconut, the sweet concoction of piña colada fame.
Canned coconut cream is a rich product that is separated into a liquid on the bottom and a solid cream on top. The creamy top layer is the part that should be used in place of heavy cream; just soften the coconut cream using the microwave or stovetop and pour it over the chocolate, then mix until smooth and enjoy your vegan ganache.