Tirimisu with a coffee cup in the back
The Ingredient Swap For Mascarpone When Making Tiramisu
Tiramisu screams elegance and satisfaction, especially the creamy mascarpone filling. However, if you can't find this Italian cheese at the store, try using French créme fraîche.
Créme fraîche is similar to sour cream, but with more fat. Its richness makes it comparable to mascarpone, and its slightly stronger tang is a nice contrast to cocoa and coffee.
This substitution works as a 1:1 ratio, with 1 cup of créme fraîche equal to 1 cup of mascarpone. Simply fold the créme fraîche into the creamy tiramisu filling.
Just like with mascarpone, you should bring créme fraîche to room temperature before use so it mixes in smoothly. Your tiramisu will be a touch tangier, but just as delicious.