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The Ingredient Swap For A More Intense Starbucks Shaken Espresso
The Starbucks brand was born in 1971, since then, the cafe chain has become famous for its endlessly customizable drinks. If one of Starbucks' shaken espresso options is your drink of choice, this ingredient swap can give your usual order a boost of extra coffee flavor.
A shaken espresso drink is made using a couple of shots of espresso, sugar, and ice, but for a stronger coffee flavor, try asking for ristretto in place of espresso. Ristretto is a coffee shot made with the same amount of coffee used in an espresso shot, but with less water, and without the added caffeine.
It may sound like ristretto would be more bitter than espresso, since it is stronger, but ristretto is actually sweeter with a more intense coffee flavor. Starbucks baristas say that a ristretto shot is not only a great substitution in shaken espresso drinks, but can also be added to iced Americanos for a flavor boost.