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The Ingredient Steakhouses Use A Lot More Of Than You Might Think
If you love a good steak, then you know that there’s something special about ordering a nice cut of meat from a great steakhouse. There's one particular ingredient you have to thank for that addictive flavor (because most steakhouses use it with abandon) and that’s butter.
Steakhouses use lots and lots of the rich dairy, serving it atop finished steaks as a way to add even more flavor and juiciness. Often, that butter takes the form of compound butter, softened butter that's mixed with flavorings such as minced garlic and fresh herbs, then chilled, sliced, and served on top of a steak.
It is also used in the form of clarified butter because its high smoke point makes it perfect for searing meat or it's often ladled over the steak before sending it out to the dining room to add an attractive sheen. So the next time you're slicing into your New York strip, remember that butter made it better.