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The Ingredient Roy Choi Mixes Into Mayonnaise For Better Burgers
Whether it's at a burger joint or in the comfort of their own kitchens, burger lovers are always in pursuit of their next best sandwich. Using a good bun, patty, veggies, and cheese are basic parameters, but a good sauce can truly make or break a burger, and chef Roy Choi's special burger sauce uses an unconventional flavoring.
When making a flavored mayonnaise for his California-style double cheeseburger, Choi adds toasted sesame seeds for a unique taste and texture. Sesame seeds are often used in Korean cooking because of their nutty aroma and flavor that pairs well with rich meats, so adding these seeds to mayo makes for a perfect burger sauce.
To replicate Choi's mayo-based sauce, combine one tablespoon of toasted sesame seeds with 1/3 cup of mayonnaise, with no blending or crushing of the seeds required. This condiment adds both creamy richness and a lightly toothsome crunch to your burger, and it's even better when paired with a classic sesame seed bun.