Sliced cake on a plate
The Ingredient Inclusion That Can Sweeten Desserts Without More Sugar
If you want a spice that can sweeten up your favorite desserts, such as banana bread, without having to add in more sugar, look no further than cinnamon.
This is thanks to a flavor compound, cinnamaldehyde, which helps to dial down a dish’s bitterness and amplify its sweetness due to the compound’s signature heat.
Cinnamon is best when paired with complementary foods, such as fruit. Try adding the spice to your next batch of blueberry muffins for a better-tasting baked good.
You can also use cinnamon to reduce the bitterness of cocoa in your favorite chocolate-based desserts, such as chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies.
Taking advantage of cinnamon is simple enough. A teaspoon’s worth mixed in with the dry ingredients ensures that the spice doesn’t overwhelm the other flavors.