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The Ingredient Ina Garten Adds To Get Fancy And Flavorful Mashed Potatoes
During an episode of her show, Ina Garten showed that she makes fancy and flavorful mashed potatoes by finishing them off with three ounces of room-temperature white truffle butter.
Garten cautions that while you want to allow the truffle butter to melt, you don’t want to let the truffles cook, or else the heat may destroy the ingredient’s beautiful smell and taste.
Attesting to the ingredient’s versatility, Garten told Food Network, “It really turns up the volume on everything from simple scrambled eggs to elegant fettuccine.”
As for what brand Garten uses, she revealed on her website’s Q&A she has two go-to options: “Urbani or D’Artagnan white truffle butter.”
Both Urbani and D’Artagnan are pricy, so if your budget can’t handle them, consider using truffle oil or garlic butter instead, but remember that truffle oil can vary in quality.
If you’re wondering about using black truffle butter for mashed potatoes, Garten says the flavor of black truffles is more “subtle,” and she prefers the intensity of white ones.