Brownies with hot fudge sauce
The Ingredient Exchange To Transform Ganache Into Hot Fudge Sauce
Ganache, a mixture of melted chocolate and cream, is very versatile, but doesn't stay soft when poured on top of ice cream. Replacing some of the cream with corn syrup fixes this.
Corn syrup turns ganache into a pourable hot fudge. Its glucose molecules prevent sugar crystals from forming, so the ganache doesn't turn grainy and hard on the cold ice cream.
Corn syrup also stops ganache from getting too hard in the fridge, so you can have a flowing hot fudge sauce any time. To make this sauce, chop up a chocolate bar of your choice.
You can also use chocolate chips. Warm up some milk or cream, corn syrup, and a pinch of salt, stir them into the melted chocolate, and you have a luscious, glossy hot fudge sauce.
You can add other flavors to your hot fudge by steeping spices like cinnamon or fruits like oranges in the milk or cream mixture, then straining them out before making the sauce.