Alton Brown speaking at an event.
The Ingredient Alton Brown Disapproved Of The Most On Chopped
Chef Alton Brown hasn’t been hesitant about naming his least favorite basket ingredient on "Chopped." He says calf liver just doesn’t taste good, no matter how you prepare it.
Calf liver comes from young cows, meaning these livers haven't matured as much and have filtered fewer toxins than beef liver, resulting in a "cleaner," less gamey taste.
If prepared improperly, calf liver can be bitter and metallic. Brown may already dislike it, but it being cooked in a hurry by chefs on a competition show likely didn't help.
Calf liver has a meaty, slightly sweet taste and soft texture if cooked properly. It should be crispy and browned outside with a rich, tender pink interior.
All liver can be leathery and grainy if overcooked and mushy if undercooked, but this somewhat fussy ingredient is still a favorite of many professional chefs.
Alton Brown may not have any love for this organ meat, but chefs from Thomas Keller to Anthony Bourdain have all enjoyed liver and cooked with it to great effect.