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The Inexpensive Cut Of Meat Steak Fans Should Know
Even though there are many ways to save money on meat (cutting back on portions, buying in bulk, buying directly from local farmers, shopping sales), one of the simplest is to purchase less expensive cuts. Finding a cut that offers the most value is crucial, especially for steak lovers, so if this defines you, go no further than the baseball steak.
From the center of the top sirloin, the baseball cut or baseball steak – also known as center-cut top sirloin steak and top sirloin butt steak among others – really hits a home run. Taking its name from its signature rounded shape, this beefy cut puffs up to resemble a baseball when cooked.
If you love steak and are on a strict budget, you might be wondering if a less expensive cut will really satisfy your craving. If cooked properly on the grill, under the broiler, or seared and finished in a 450° oven, your baseball steak will yield a tender, juicy, and boldly flavorful outcome that won't let you down for several dollars less per pound than other more celebrated cuts of beef.