Roast potatoes with thyme and garlic
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The Indigenous Roast Potato Technique That Dates Back Centuries
While some potatoes trace their origins to South America over 8000 years ago, indigenous peoples in California had their own version: the brodiaea, or Indian potato.
The Ohlone people of San Francisco's East Bay even have a centuries-old recipe for roasting the root vegetable in baskets of hot coals and dipping it in salt.
Cafe Ohlone owners Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino have created a modern version of the meal; however, the potato needs to be substituted due to the brodiaea being endangered.
Russian banana fingerling potatoes are recommended to make the traditional Ohlone recipe, which begins by covering them in cold water with bay leaves and salt.
Boil for 30 minutes and drain the pot before coating them in melted duck fat and more salt. Roast the potatoes in a baking dish until they become a golden, crispy brown.