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The Ina Garten-Approved Plates Perfect For Organizing Dinner Parties
When it comes to dinner parties, celebrity chef Ina Garten likes to keep it simple. The Barefoot Contessa says that she typically doesn't get caught up in making things fancy, and instead sticks to a no-fuss, time-saving plan so she can have fun with her guests; this philosophy extends to her easy yet elegant table settings.
Garten posted a photo to social media that shows her lovely table setup for a summer meal. "This was my summer table setting with blue hydrangeas, green zinnias, and fresh mint from the garden," the celeb chef captioned the pics, but the real standouts are the simple white numbered plates at each setting.
The plates are sold by the brand "Mg by hand," and while sets of plates numbered 1-6 are sold out, plates numbered 1-4 are still available as of Sep. 28, 2022. The numbers can help you pick out how many plates you need, so long as you remember how many guests you've invited, and they look great with floral centerpieces like Garten's.