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The Important Whisky Bottle Tip Collectors Need
With the whisky market projected to reach $20.75 billion by 2025, collectors of these fine spirits could have a great deal of money in their liquor cabinets. If you own very high-quality whisky, you likely take pains to ensure that the alcohol inside stays in great shape, but the exterior of your bottle matters just as much.
Even if you own a fantastic whisky that’s worth upwards of $21,000, if the label on the bottle is faded and unrecognizable, your spirit has dropped way down in value. Having a collection of bottles whose labels are pristine and untarnished is the mark of a collector who takes care of their whiskies and understands their value.
In order to preserve your labels, store your whisky like a fine wine: in a place that is as dark as possible, since light will fade the label quickly. Taking care of your whisky labels, which are the best visual cue of a quality bottle, will aid in the overall value of your collection.