Roasted breaded german weiner schnitzel on a plate. Gray background. Top view.
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The Important Step To Prevent Your Chicken Coating From Falling Off
A crispy chicken cutlet or basket of chicken tenders is golden brown with a perfect contrast between a crackling fried crust and the tender chicken inside. The key to making these fried chicken delights at home is a batter or breading that cooks up crunchy and doesn't slough off, and this ingredient can really help the coating stick.
Decent breading requires a few ingredients to work in tandem: first, the chicken takes a dip in flour, then beaten egg, then the breading or batter. You absolutely can't skip the dip in beaten eggs, since the egg acts as a sort of glue and melds with the flour upon cooking, strengthening the crust and keeping it stuck to the chicken.
You should also let your fully dredged and coated cutlets sit for up to 30 minutes at room temperature before cooking, which helps the egg mix with the coating and form an even stronger bond. If you follow a vegan diet or would rather avoid using an egg, vegan or regular mayonnaise makes a perfectly acceptable alternative.