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The Important Step To Follow When Picking Out Pumpkins For Cooking
Pumpkins are a great autumn staple for carving and decorating, but they might be even better for whipping up delicious treats. While heaviness, firmness, and a bruise-free exterior are all good signs of a pumpkin fit for cooking, there is another crucial factor to take note of when picking the perfect squash for your dish or dessert.
You should listen to your pumpkin in addition to examining its appearance. Hold the pumpkin and tap it with your hand to see if it sounds hollow, which means it's ripe with plenty of seeds inside to scoop out and roast for a great snack; specifically, you're listening for a "low sound" with a sense of emptiness, says Macmillan Dictionary.
However, this trick doesn't apply to all pumpkins; "pie pumpkins" and heirloom varieties should sound solid, not hollow, because their flesh is thick and their seed quantity is low. Hollow sounds with these types of pumpkins can also indicate diseases and rotting, so when buying these varieties, look for other clues to determine ripeness.