Southern collard greens on a plate
The Important First Step When Cooking Canned Collard Greens
Using canned collard greens is an easy way to cut down on prep and cooking time while still giving you a deliciously flavorful dish. Just be sure you drain and rinse your greens.
This step is important as canned foods tend to be on the saltier side, and draining and rinsing your greens can help you eliminate some of this excess sodium.
Removing some of the excess moisture from your greens also allows them to take on more flavors during cooking without tasting watered down.
Start by pouring out as much liquid from the can as possible. Then, transfer the greens into a fine mesh strainer and run cold water over them to rinse them off.
Finally, gently push down on the greens to help squeeze out more moisture. Don't push too hard, or you can break apart the delicate greens.