Healthy lunchtime meal of pea and ham soup, with cream and seeded kaiser rolls
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The Important Final Step You Shouldn't Forget When Making Soup
While it’s easy to heat up pre-made containers of soup from the store, making your own soup is a rewarding process where you can use any ingredients you like. To make a really exceptional and delicious bowl of soup, don't focus 100% on the cooking process while ignoring this important finishing touch.
Soup looks quite simple when presented by itself in a bowl, so to signal the complex flavors that lie within, consider topping your soup with the perfect garnish. Not only do garnishes like fresh herbs and crispy shallots taste good, but the extra toppings also dial up the visual appeal of an otherwise plain-looking soup.
It's easy to get creative with garnishes: velvety, creamy soups can use a little crunch, while herbs, cheese, lime, bacon bits, diced tomatoes, and spoonfuls of Greek yogurt pump up basic soups. Try using garnishes whose colors contrast with that of your soup, or go super-simple with a drizzle of oil or sauce on the surface.