Beignets in a woven basket
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The Important Dough Tip You Need To Use For The Best Beignets
Pillowy and just the right amount of sweet, beignets make the perfect breakfast pastry. They only require a few ingredients to make, but the secret is in the dough preparation.
A successful batch of beignets is all about the dough. While dough ingredients like flour, sugar, and butter get more of the spotlight, yeast is the real star of beignet recipes.
Baker's yeast performs three main functions in dough: increasing volume, altering the structure, and adding flavor. These are all essential for the best beignet experience.
Yeast ferments sugar into carbon dioxide bubbles that expand and create delightful air pockets within beignets. Since beignet dough is yeast-based, it needs ample time to rise.
Your beignet dough needs to double in size, so allow at least two hours for the leavening agent to work. The yeast will have more time to create gas, resulting in fluffier dough.