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The Importance Of Using A Good Olive Oil Pourer
Olive oil pourers, or cruets, are containers or bottles with spouts that are meant to keep olive oil fresh and easy to pour. While some say that transferring olive oil to a pourer doesn't do much, there are a few good reasons why these pourers can be quite useful, especially if you use olive oil more than any other oil when cooking.
Many cooks buy their olive oil in bulk, and using a cruet eliminates the need to heave a huge plastic jug of oil off the counter every time you need some. If you love to drizzle extra virgin olive oil over salad, bread, or popcorn, a pourer gives you more control over drizzling so that you don't add too much oil to your food.
The spout on cruets is often removable, so you can screw it onto most commercial oil bottles. Pourers also often come with stoppers, which seals the opening of the bottle and keeps the oil fresh, but try to buy a cruet with a rubber stopper, since stoppers made of cork need to be washed regularly and may even fall apart.
You should also look for a cruet made of ceramic or metal, which prevents heat and light from altering the olive oil inside, and keep your pourer clean by washing it with soap and hot water, then rinsing it out with distilled white vinegar, rinsing again with water, and letting it dry thoroughly. Some cruets are also dishwasher-safe.