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The Importance Of An Instant-Read Thermometer When Baking Pie
Pie is a classic dessert that most won’t say no to, especially during Thanksgiving, with iconic pumpkin, pecan, and sweet potato varieties. While you can grab a pie from a bakery, baking one at home can be fun; however, keeping track of your pie’s temperature is very important, and an instant-read thermometer may be just what you need.
According to America’s Test Kitchen, an instant-read thermometer can make a huge difference between a good pie and a great one. For instance, when baking egg-based fillings, a thermometer can help you know when to take the pie out of the oven, preventing overbaking and the scrambling of the egg in the filling.
The outlet recommends taking the temperature of fillings towards the end of baking, with 175 degrees for curd, 175 degrees for pumpkin, 180 degrees for cream, and 185 to 190 degrees for pecan filling. The method works best for single-crust or latticed pies, but if you need to check a double-crust pie, the probe should leave only a small hole.