Halved green cabbage against a white background
The Ideal Way To Prep And Boil Cabbage For The Most Tender Results
Boiled cabbage may sound boring, but with an easy prep method that takes less than 20 minutes, it can be tender, delicious, and worthy of a place as a nutritious side.
Remove the outermost leaves of a cabbage head, remove the root, and cut the rest into thin ribbons or large wedges. Cook the cabbage in salted, boiling water for 5 to 15 minutes.
Drain and dress the cabbage with butter and salt. Feel free to add herbs, vinegar, liquid aminos, or soy sauce and enjoy the silky, delicious leaves with a lightly savory flavor.
For this recipe, you can use green cabbage, a red or savoy kind, or use a blend for a variety of textures and colors, but note that different types may not cook at the same rate.