Fresh filet of flounder with lemon and herbs
The Ideal Way To Cook Flounder For A Crispy And Flaky Texture
If you're after crispy, flaky flounder, but don't really know how to cook it, pan-frying is the ideal option. Flounder is at its best when breaded and fried in shallow oil.
By coating the outside of the fish and cooking it in oil, it develops a crispy exterior while protecting the interior and keeping it tender, without no dryness in sight.
To pan-fry the fish, dredge it in flour, eggs, and then breadcrumbs. Cover the bottom of the pan with vegetable oil and allow it to heat up before dropping the flounder inside.
Panko is a great option for the coating, thanks to its airy, extra-crunchy texture and affinity for soaking up moisture, but you can also pan-fry flounder without breadcrumbs.
To try it without breadcrumbs, pat the fish dry, removing every bit of moisture. Coat the flounder in seasoned flour alone or dip it in cornstarch as well for a crisp finish.
For the times when you're craving crispy flounder but want to limit your oil intake, the oven and air fryer are also great options, and the way of preparing the fish is similar.