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The Ideal Water To Coffee Ratio For Turkish Coffee
While the modern age provides an endless list of coffee brewing methods, Turkish coffee is famous for being the world's first method for brewing coffee, and originated in the Ottoman Empire in the mid-16th century. Today, making your own foamy, rich Turkish coffee isn't too difficult, but it does take practice to perfect it.
Turkish coffee is made with very fine-powdered grounds that are incorporated right into water, rather than being filtered, and brewed in a copper pot called a cezve and served in espresso-sized cups. Additionally, it’s never mixed or stirred, and any additional sugar or milk is put into the coffee pot to brew with the coffee.
Obtaining certain features of Turkish coffee, like the signature foam on top, takes a few attempts to master, and knowing the correct ratios of water to coffee is also essential. While most coffee recipes call for a single gram of coffee for every 16 milliliters of water, most Turkish coffees use a 1:9 ratio, so it's more concentrated.
Doing Turkish coffee right will yield a beverage that feels similar to espresso: strong and best served in small amounts. While Turkish coffee is not quite as potent as an espresso and way more foamy and thick in texture, it still delivers a caffeine punch and requires no special and expensive coffee-brewing machines.