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The Ideal Type Of Herbs To Chiffonade
Mastering basic knife skills helps you prepare meals faster, and food that is cut into even shapes also cooks more evenly and makes your dishes aesthetically pleasing. Chiffonade is a knife technique that involves cutting greens and herbs into long, delicate, evenly-sized ribbons, but some herbs work better than others.
Generally, herbs are categorized as either soft (leafy and delicate) or woody (sturdy with thick stems). The chiffonade technique works best with soft, broad-leaved herbs like basil, mint, and sage; woody herbs like rosemary and thyme are tough to cut through, while irregularly-shaped herbs like parsley are difficult to cut in uniform.
To chiffonade, stack about 6 leaves of your chosen herb into a pile and roll them lengthwise into a tight bundle, then slide across the bundle with a sharp knife, using a rocking motion. This technique releases aromatic enzymes and helps you evenly incorporate herbs into your dish, and the cut herbs should be used immediately.