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The Ideal Type Of Bowl To Use For A Double Boiler
A double boiler is a kitchen setup that consists of a small pot filled with a shallow amount of boiling water, with another pot or container placed over it; food is added to the upper container for gentle cooking over the steaming water. For best results, it's important to use a vessel that can conduct heat well, but doesn't get too hot.
MasterClass recommends using a glass or stainless steel bowl for the upper half of your double boiler, since these materials have the right level of heat resistance and won't warp or break when heated by the steam. The round shape of a large bowl also helps it sit snugly over the pot without falling in or touching the water below.
You can buy fancy sets of kitchen tools that are just for double boiling, but unless you’re an aspiring chocolatier or a hollandaise addict, a pot with a large glass or steel bowl over it will do just fine. Just make sure to wear oven mitts when handling the bowl, which will still get very hot when exposed to the boiling water.