Seasoned fried green beans with dipping sauce
The Ideal Time To Season Fried Green Beans
Fried green beans are delicious any way you season them, but you have to apply the seasoning at the right time to guarantee flavor in every bite.
Toss your green beans with seasoning the second they come out of the fryer, since residual oil helps powdered ingredients stick. Try garlic and onion powder as a tasty first step.
Ground cumin adds a delicious spicy earthiness, and so does a large pinch of Chinese five spice powder. You can even use powdered ranch dressing for zestiness.
If you’re on more of an herbal kick, try dried basil, oregano, parsley, and lemon peel, or French herbs de Provence, with its blend of lavender, rosemary, marjoram, and more.
If you're using a lot of different seasonings, try adding some of them into the batter for your green beans. It builds flavor right into the beans for a better distribution.