Stock photo showing an elevated view of the inside of an air fryer with a pile of golden brown, freshly cooked roast parsnips in their skins. Healthy cooking concept.
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The Ideal Temperature To Roast Perfectly Caramelized Parsnips
Parsnips are delicious when shaved into a salad or puréed into a creamy soup, but one of the best things to do with these root veggies is roast them. Before you have fun experimenting with woodsy herbs, warm spices, or tangy and soft cheeses to pair with parsnips, you’ll want to be sure to roast them at the right temperature.
To figure out the best temperature for parsnips, don't go too hot nor too cold, since more moderate temperatures cook veggies evenly while concentrating their level of sweetness, unlike higher or lower temperatures that can burn or undercook them. Try roasting parsnips at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40 minutes.
Given that each individual cook's oven differs from others, time frames may vary, but the important thing to remember is that moderately high heat results in the best texture and taste. To guarantee great caramelization, cut the parsnips into uniform shapes so that pieces cook evenly without becoming burnt or soggy.