Opened can of tuna
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The Ideal Seasoning To Spice Up Canned Tuna
A classic tuna sandwich is great, but there are times when the same old things can get a little stale. While adding a kick of minced red onion or a juicy slice of tomato is a good start, there are ways to make the tuna salad itself more flavorful so you don't have to rely on extra topping, and a certain hot spice can really wake up your senses.
To take your tuna salad to the next level, we suggest reaching into your spice rack for a jar of cayenne pepper and mixing it into mayo before combining it with your canned tuna. For the spice-sensitive, we suggest starting with a smaller amount and adding more and more of the ingredient, tasting as you go to avoid overload.
If you use too much cayenne, you can always add more mayo to balance it out, but it's best to nail your perfect ratio on the first try so you don't create waste. If you go way overboard, you could always double your recipe with another can of tuna and have leftovers for the next day, but make sure you eat it within 5 days or so.