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The Ideal Cooking Method For Super Juicy Chicken
Chicken has always been a crowd-pleasing favorite, but since most chicken has a lower fat content, it's more susceptible to moisture loss. Choosing bone-in and skin-on meat and brining the chicken beforehand can keep it succulent while amplifying flavor, but your cooking method matters as well.
One technique to avoid dry chicken and instead make it juicy and tender is to cook it low and slow. Try roasting chicken at 200°F for several hours, which prevents overcooking and stops juices from violently spurting out of the meat, which would make it dry and tough.
This method is a game changer for legs, wings, thighs, and whole chickens, but not for some other cuts. A fast and hot cooking technique is often better for boneless and skinless chicken breasts, since an extended cook time can lead to dryness.