close-up of italian bolognese ready to eat
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The Ideal Beef Cut For Flavorful, Balanced Bolognese Sauce
There are many pitfalls you can fall into when making Bolognese sauce, such as picking the wrong kind of beef. Luckily, there's one cut you can rely on to be worthy of your sauce.
With beef, fat is the secret to meaty flavor, so a flavorful cut contains lots of marbling, AKA intramuscular fat. Beef chuck is a cut that is both affordable and well-marbled.
In particular, the neck cut of the beef chuck, known as the chuck roll, is perfect for Bolognese. It needs a long cooking time, which is no problem when it's added to a meat sauce.
Bolognese is cooked low and slow, which breaks down the chuck roll's connective tissue and fat. This creates tender beef that spreads flavor throughout the sauce for great results.