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The Ice Error That Can Ruin Your Cocktails
The enjoyment of a cocktail depends on more than just the type and quality of the liquor used. Ice actually plays a significant role in defining the drink’s taste and consistency.
A big mistake is using ice cubes from a freezer that stores frozen foods and other items. These ice cubes have likely absorbed "off" odors and flavors that will ruin your drinks.
To make good quality cocktail ice, choose a type of water you wouldn't have any problem drinking by itself. Distilled, filtered, or bottled water are the best options.
Once you freeze the water into cubes, store the ice as far away from other foods as possible. Seal them in plastic bags to protect them from potential odors and evaporation.
Also, make sure your ice is fresh. Ice that is older than a week often develops an unpleasant "freezer flavor" that will taste terrible in your drink, so dump out old ice.