Hummus in a bowl with Pita Chips
The Ice Cube Tip That Will Help Boost Your Hummus
If you’re having trouble achieving a rich and creamy texture with your homemade hummus, a few ice cubes can help. Rather than watering the dip down, the ice will boost its texture.
Ice cubes are full of tiny air bubbles that will travel into your hummus as you blend all of the ingredients together. The blender effectively whips the air into the dip.
This creates a light, fluffy, and smooth consistency. Try it by putting all of your hummus ingredients in a blender or food processor and pulsing them together.
Next, add two to four ice cubes to the hummus, pulsing to combine after adding each cube. Blend for another four minutes or more to thoroughly mix all of the ingredients.
Each time you add an ice cube and blend the hummus, taste it to gauge its texture. Also, make sure to remove the chickpeas' outer skins before cooking to avoid graininess.