Anthony Bourdain seated on stage
The Humble NYC Staple Anthony Bourdain Would Have Used His Last $20 On
In a 2016 “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit, Anthony Bourdain answered many questions from fans, and even revealed what kind of food he would spend his last $20 on.
With the last $20 he has on hand, Bourdain would buy a bialy from the Barney Greengrass deli in NYC. "It's a pretty good value, maybe I'll have two bialys for $20," the chef wrote.
Bourdain’s response was enlightening to those who haven't heard of the humble bialy. They're cousins to bagels, but instead of a hole in the center, they have a small depression.
Bialys are usually thinner and smaller than bagels, and instead of being boiled and baked, they're just baked. Chopped onions and poppy seeds are also stuffed into the center.
The resulting round bread rolls have a soft, chewy texture with an airy interior, a slight crunch to the crust, and a savory onion flavor in the center.
Bourdain’s answer is a reminder that food doesn’t have to be complex or rare to be delicious. Classic, simple snacks can feed the soul and the belly just as well as a $20 meal.