Two glasses of Hugo spritz with lime and mint garnishes
The Hugo Spritz Is The Cocktail Everyone Will Be Sipping In 2024
If you're tired of the classic Aperol Spritz, try its fragrant cousin, the Hugo Spritz. With its sweet and floral nuances of elderflower spirits, it's sure to be a hit in 2024.
By incorporating elderflower spirits, it steers clear of the bitter attributes found in both Campari and Aperol, resulting in a balanced beverage you can appreciate.
To make a Hugo Spritz, add 1 to 1.5 ounces of elderflower liqueur to a glass of ice. Stir in mint leaves, 4 ounces of dry sparkling wine, soda water, and top with lemon or lime.
The resulting drink is refreshing with clean flavors that are best enjoyed with charcuterie, a cheese board, rich meats, or even just as a simple pre-meal cocktail.