Two Hugo Spritzs
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The Hugo Spritz Gives The Aperol Classic A Bright, Floral Spin
As warm weather approaches, you might be thinking of sipping a cold spritz, and if you’re tired of the common Aperol spritz, you have to try the Hugo spritz.
A Hugo starts like an Aperol spritz with prosecco and carbonated water, but replaces the Aperol with elderflower liqueur for a floral, bright, and rejuvenating drink.
The Hugo spritz was created in 2005 by Italian mixologist Roland Gruber, who mixed together one part elderflower liqueur, one part sparkling water, and three parts prosecco.
Elderflower liqueur may be hard to source, but common options include St. Germain, Fiorente, or Bramley & Gage, which vary in flavor from honey-like to slightly tart.
Once you have your preferred elderflower liqueur or nonalcoholic elderflower cordial, stir your ingredients together and serve in a glass with mint and a lime or lemon slice.