Anthony Bourdain with his arms folded sitting at a bar with a drink
The Historic Kentucky Bourbon Anthony Bourdain Absolutely Adored
In a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread, chef Anthony Bourdain commented on his all-time favorite Kentucky bourbon, writing, "very very old Fitzgerald, that's some nice stuff."
Born in 1870 at Old Judge Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, the Old Fitzgerald brand survived Prohibition, and has earned respect from whiskey enthusiasts and spirits historians.
With notes of rich butterscotch, cocoa powder, fig, and baking spices, this true wheated bourbon has a sky-high level of quality that doesn't come without a matching price tag.
At the time of publication, the 8-year version will set you back $549.99, and the 19-year retails for $1,499.99. Original bottles can fetch as much as $5,000 at an auction.
True Old Fitzgerald fans keep their spirit in diamond decanters, but Bourdain shared his ideal place to enjoy a glass of Old Fitzgerald on the rocks.
"I would rather go into a regular bar or pub whose ambiance and atmosphere I like and be fortunate to find a good whiskey," Bourdain said.