Chef Gordon Ramsay crossing his arms
The High-Quality Cookware Brand Gordon Ramsay Utilizes On MasterChef
Pots and pans undergo most of the wear and tear when it comes to kitchen utensils, which is why chef Gordon Ramsay prefers sturdy pans from a respected brand.
A favorite company of Ramsay's is ScanPan, and he’s even used the cookware on his reality show “MasterChef” and his online MasterClass cooking series.
Since the cooking on “MasterChef” is so intense, the cookware needs to be durable enough to withstand all the pressure, and Ramsay thinks ScanPan is perfect for the job.
ScanPan uses a nonstick technology called Stratanuim, made of five layers of hard particles and wave-like layers that protect the non-stick layer from scratches and damage.
Moreover, ScanPan uses recycled aluminum to craft their products, and their pots and pans are stovetop, oven, and dishwasher safe, making them both sustainable and versatile.
Best of all, the pans don’t require a lot of oil or fat to keep foods from sticking, so it’s no wonder Ramsay says they're the “right tools” for a fast-paced cooking environment.