Milkshake in glass with cookie crumble and chocolate drizzle
The High-Proof Alcohol That Takes Boozy Milkshakes To A Whole New Tier
Next time you’re craving dessert and a cocktail, consider combining the two treats into a boozy milkshake using a certain unexpected spirit as your base.
Absinthe, nicknamed "the green fairy," is a strong, vivid liquor made with a mix of herbs and flowers including fennel, wormwood, and anise, giving it a licorice-like flavor.
Since absinthe doesn’t contain any added sugar, it’s very potent, making it the perfect bitter complement to sweet flavors like vanilla, pineapple, coconut, and other fruits.
While the combination may sound strange, absinthe shakes are a popular option at Peche in Austin, Texas, where they blend vanilla ice cream with cherry liqueur and absinthe.
Other excellent suggestions include a coconut rum, pineapple ice cream, and absinthe milkshake, or try vanilla ice cream, strawberry liqueur, and absinthe.
Simply blend together your ingredients and serve in a chilled glass. Try adding different liqueurs, ice cream flavors, and fruits to your shakes to find your favorite combo.
As a final note, while wormwood is said to cause hallucinations, you won't get any visions from your absinthe. You’d have to drink so much that alcohol poisoning would occur first.