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The High-End Expansion Of 7-Eleven
7-Eleven has evolved quite a bit from its beginnings as a 1927 company that sold ice to households without refrigerators. Now an international convenience store chain that sells coffee, taquitos, and Slurpees galore, to say the brand has reached success would be an understatement, but the company continues to adapt its stores to changing consumer tastes.
As of July 2022, 7-Eleven has launched multiple "upscale" stores that are used to test out new concepts for the company. These "Evolution Stores" have a sleeker, more modern look and go way beyond Big Gulps, with some offering customizable beverage options, a cigar humidor, digital innovations, salsa bars, and more.
A Dallas 7-Eleven location even includes a covered patio where customers can order frozen margaritas and tap beer, and also offers an espresso machine that pumps out coffee concoctions on-demand. For those of you who don't want to see your 7-Elevens completely transformed, have no fear; these fancy stores still sell Slurpees, hot dogs, and other classics.