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The Hibernation Method Used To Age Expensive Cuts Of Steak
Most people will sing the praises of a well-prepared, juicy steak, and these folks have opinions about which cut of steak is the most tender and flavorful. However, other factors besides the cut should be considered when pursuing high-quality beef for that oh-so-perfect steak, including aging methods like "steak hibernation."
Hibernation is a dry-aging method in which beef is dried using cold air blowing roughly 50 miles per hour, then frozen for long periods at -45 degrees Fahrenheit. This process can preserve the meat for as long as 15 years and is "believed to retain the flavor, texture and quality of the beef better than other" methods, says Maxim.
This method of aging beef, introduced in the 1990s by the French Polmard family, produces steaks that are exclusive to the most famous chefs in the world due to demand. You can taste it at places like the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, where an 8-course meal that includes the pampered beef goes for $4000 plus $390 per person.