Potato gratin with cheese
The Herbaceous Cheese That Lends Tons Of Flavor To Your Potatoes
If you want a cheesy, creamy, flavorful addition to potato dishes of any variety, simply add herbaceous, garlicky cheese made by the brand Boursin.
Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs cheese has a slightly tangy, garlic-forward flavor and notes of parsley and chive. It's easy to find in most stores and perfect for potatoes.
Since this French cheese debuted in the US, it's become quite popular and currently comes in nine flavors, including a non-dairy version and a Black Truffle and Sea Salt flavor.
The cheese is made from cow’s milk, with a soft, spreadable consistency with a slight crumble. It's delicious with mashed, Hasselback, baked, or even sweet potatoes.
You can mix Boursin directly into your potato dish and/or crumble the cheese on top before serving. It's also great when spread on bread or used on other vegetables.