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The Herb You Should Try Adding To Your Whisky Highball
Though some may dismiss the whisky highball as too basic, the drink is more than the sum of its parts, especially if you experiment with the ingredients. Any drink that mixes a spirit, carbonated beverage, and ice served in a tall glass is a highball, but adding this one herb to a whisky version gives it a classic but refreshing vibe.
Mint is often used in cocktails as an aromatic, flavor-balancing accent, lending a touch of gentle, refreshing flavor. A sprig of mint in a whisky highball will bring an air of freshness that elevates the simple formula, so even drinkers who are bored of the classic can appreciate it again, instead of avoiding it in favor of newer highball drinks.
Since the whisky in a highball is also diluted by the other liquid ingredients, mint and/or citrus zest adds subtle layers of flavor back to the cocktail. If you try this twist and find that you like the mint even more than the whisky, try a mint julep highball, which mixes bourbon, syrup, and lots of mint with a carbonated beverage of your choice.