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The Hemingway Sandwich Features An Extremely Unusual Combo
Hemingway may be known as a Nobel-winning author, but he was also a prolific lover of food and drink. The writer was known to enjoy oysters, roast pork, creamy cheeses, and even grizzly bears he hunted, but one of his favorites was a simple sandwich that combined two ingredients that you wouldn’t expect to work.
If you’re a Hemingway fan, you might recognize one of his favorite sandwiches from his book, “Islands in the Stream.” In the book, he described the “Mount Everest Special,” a sandwich made of peanut butter and onion. Although it’s unknown whether Hemingway invented the sandwich, today, it is known as “The Hemingway” in his honor.
While the combination doesn’t sound too appealing, there is science to back it up. Since both onions and peanut butter are sulfurous, they complement each other, with the peanut butter mellowing out the onion and the onion providing a bit of crunch. If you’d like to try it, pour yourself a glass of red wine to enjoy it like Hemingway did.